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Projector Night Light

Projector Night Light

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**Step into the Cosmic Wonderland with Our 13 in 1 Projector Night Light! 🌌✨**

Transform your bedroom into a mesmerizing galaxy with our Projector Night Light – the ultimate celestial experience for kids and adults alike! Get ready to embark on a journey through the stars and beyond with our Aurora Projector, making bedtime an adventure and adding a touch of magic to any space.

**Product Parameters:**

🔌 **Input Voltage:** Plug into the universe with 110-220V compatibility.

🔋 **Output Voltage:** Power up the cosmos with a user-friendly 5V / 1800MA output.

💡 **Product Power:** Shine bright with 5W of enchanting projection power.

🌐 **Projection Area:** Cover 30㎡-40㎡ of your room with celestial wonders.

📦 **Package Dimensions:** A compact 18x18x8 cm package that holds the keys to the universe.

📦 **Package Weight:** Light as stardust, weighing in at just 0.58 kg.

🔌 **Power Mode:** Fuel your cosmic adventures with USB power compatibility – plug into USB chargers, computers, tablets, or power banks.

**Features That Make the Universe Yours:**

🌑 **Cosmic Ambiance:** Create a starry spectacle in the comfort of your own space. Perfect for turning any room into a cosmic haven.

🌙 **Aurora Magic:** Let the aurora projector sprinkle a touch of magic, bringing the beauty of the northern lights to your bedtime routine.

🎇 **12-in-1 Wonder:** Enjoy a versatile experience with 12 unique light films, each telling a different cosmic story.

🌌 **Easy to Use:** Simply connect to power, choose your favorite light film, and let the celestial journey begin!

**Package Includes:**

🌠 **13 in 1 Galaxy Projector:** Your ticket to the cosmic show.

🔌 **USB Cable:** Power up your dreams with this versatile cable.

📖 **User Manual:** A guide to navigating the universe from the comfort of your own home.

🎞️ **12 Pcs Light Film:** Explore a variety of cosmic scenes and create your own galactic narratives.

**Note:** For optimal magic, use this projector in a dark indoor environment.

**Why Dream When You Can Explore?** Elevate your nights with the 13 in 1 Projector Night Light – where the cosmos comes to life in the comfort of your own space. Order now and let the cosmic adventures begin! 🚀🌠

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