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Retro Video Game Console Controller

Retro Video Game Console Controller

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Get your hands on SF900 Retro Video Game Console Built in 16 Bit 1500/4737/5532 Games HDMI-Compatible for SNES with this ground-breaking game stick that’s sure to bring back childhood memories and provide hours of fun. The specially designed 2.4G wireless retro video game controller has to connect to your SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis, and no need for a 1-secondconnect, as it will get the stable signal without delay right away. You can also opt for an extension cable to avoid controller's delay, unresponsive buttons. Plus, enjoy the crystal clear picture quality outputted on your HDTV by connecting your console directly through a HDMI port. Moreover, with the support of downloading games in SFC format and ergonomics design, this video game console will be a perfect companion whatever you are throwing a party or just relaxing solo gaming session.




Package List:
2x Controllers
1x Game Console
1x Micro USB Cable
1x Packing Box (optional)

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